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Wright lives and writes in the environs of Middlebury, Vermont. The Gail McCarthy books are among my very favorite contemporary mysteries and Crum is, for my money, the successor to mystery giant Dick Francis. A Celebration Veterinarian Gail McCarthy and her family embark on a horse camping trip to a ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills, only to find that their host, Gail's old boyfriend, Lonny Peterson, has just been charged with murder.

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Ironically, the sheriff's deputy who comes to arrest Lonny turns out to be Gail's childhood friend Bret Boncantini. Bret explains to the shocked Gail and her family that Lonny is accused of the murders of his girlfriend and her brother, well-known local livestock auctioneer Cole Richardson. Both Gail and Bret are sure that Lonny is innocent, and they begin investigating the killings. As they turn up evidence concerning the crime, the trail leads to Gail's home on the California coast. And as Gail closes in on the answer, the murderer decides she needs to be eliminated.

What more could any horse lover ask? Laura Crum, a fourth-generation Santa Cruz County resident, has owned and trained horses for over thirty years. Read more about this book Order information Visit Laura Crum's website. Los Angeles comes alive in all its grit, glitz, grift and natural grandeur. Maggie MacGowen has taken on many tough assignments over the years. But how does one say no to a dead man? Wendy Hornsby is the author of eight critically praised and award-winning mysteries, six of them about Maggie MacGowen.

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Jane Austen is every bit as much in her ancestry as is Agatha Christie. But the local color is what really makes this story soar Rob leads an investigation that implicates local development bigwigs and county personnel, including his boss and mentor, the sheriff. Then there's a murder to keep the cover-up covered up. Cop, librarian, nurse, sheriff, and even an Indian chief are all viewpoint characters. She is a retired English and history college teacher, and she lives in Vancouver, Washington.

But a tale offered in passing by a young neighbor is enlarged by information from women she's working with at the local senior center: a young woman, another in-comer "kind of like you, Rosemary," has been shot dead in the forest, apparently by a careless deer-hunter, and no one knows who she really was. Rosemary, caught by a growing sense of identification with the woman, tries to learn more about her, and her efforts prove both successful and dangerous. Although the film's budget seems boundless, almost no one in the cast or crew seems to have any experience making movies.

It would almost be comical in a Woody Allen sort of way?

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Read more about this book Order information Visit Diana Killian's website. Great characters, fascinating history, compelling mystery: this series could go on forever. Her characters, setting, and stories have a depth not often seen in this subgenre. Just before Christmas, when the husband of her sole remaining friend is accused of theft, arson, and murder, Hilda has to find new ways of investigating a crime that seems to make no sense.

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Read more about this book Order information Visit Jeanne M. Meg McLean just wants to escape to western Washington and work as a librarian. Neill sees a chance to redeem himself, with the help of his new neighbor, librarian Meg McLean. Can a kind of justice finally come to Latouche County? Read more about this book Order information. A Celebration Chasing Cans is rodeo slang for barrel racing, a competition that can bring its winners fame and big bucks.


To Gail McCarthy, a horse vet turned stay-at-home mom, chasing cans also stands for the ambitious pursuit of empty career goals at the expense of personal and family tranquility. While Gail is wrestling with this question in her own life, she witnesses a mystifying riding accident that kills a neighbor, a barrel-racing trainer. The book is a comprehensive guide, full of seasoned advice and rich examples. The past is a foreign country, and Kathy Lynn Emerson is a wonderfully informative tour guide.

Do not start writing your historical mystery without this book! Ranging from the eras of ancient civilizations to Japanese samurai to the twentieth-century private eye, from Renaissance Europe to the American frontier, they open a vast historical panorama to the curious reader who enjoys murder and mayhem along with past mores and morals. This sub-genre is growing in popularity every year. Witty and skillfully plotted, Deadly Vintage has a cast of characters you can believe in.

Look no further for the perfect traditional mystery. Deadly Vintage is champagne and caviar, the best yet in the intriguing and delightful Molly Doyle series. Susanna Appleton is as fresh and clever as in the first volume; in fact, I think she has grown more appealing over the years. In addition, the Scots setting provides some new and surprising quirks to historical law.

I am already looking forward to the next book.

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Real characters face real perils, interspersed with political machinations and studded with lots of nifty period details. When everything looks at its bleakest, you want Susanna on your side. It is good to encounter her again. Michigan Muscle is a luxurious health club near the State University of Michigan. Smith has written six mysteries in which Liz Sullivan must solve the case. Throughout the six novels, beginning with Murder in a Nice Neighborhood, Sullivan not only solves mysteries but goes through a series of events that also change her life. In Murder Crops Up, Sullivan becomes embroiled in solving the murder of two fellow community gardeners.

In a review in Publishers Weekly, a contributor noted, "Liz is a capable and likable character and Roberts has managed a clean and cozy atmosphere of compost-loving gardeners with the seedier side of life.

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The plot for this case revolves around a celebrated food celebrity whose real-life personality is the exact opposite of her kindly television persona. When one of Hannah's assistants is murdered, Liz, who has been working as a media escort for Hannah, becomes a prime suspect.

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Smith once told CA: "I didn't apply myself to more lucrative disciplines in school, convinced that I would be a writer. When it was time to go to work, I discovered that English majors had few choices—clerical work, public relations work, or actually attempting to write for a living.

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I did all those things, and I am still writing, although more slowly to accommodate the editing work that actually pays the bills. It was a good way to be paid for learning to write novels, but my true love has always been the mystery genre. I grew up in a house full of siblings, arguments, and books; more than half of those books were mysteries. I read all of these, horrifying my mother by asking, when I was eleven, 'What is this cognac they drink all the time?

I liked the novel of detection, the amateur sleuth, the comfortable confines where violence can be hidden, the placid surfaces with raging currents beneath them. Mine, I like to think, are semi-cozy.

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There is violence, but it is not dwelt on in loving detail. There is humor, but that is not the focus. The characters, as in all good fiction, carry the story, but the story makes definite progress toward a satisfying resolution. That is one of the reasons why I love reading and writing mysteries. One reviewer once damned a book of mine because the ending was too tidy. Well, I like that tidy ending. As a child, I loved the books in which the characters, though tossed by turbulent action, ended up tucked into bed, snug and safe for the night.