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How not to be your own worst enemy when investing

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A Few Notes on The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

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SignIn with your Office account. Sauvegarder l'image. Fortunately, behavioral finance, which recognizes that there is a psychological element to all investor decision making, is now firmly embedded in the mainstream of finance. Applying behavioral principles to an investment portfolio can help investors avoid some of the mental pitfalls that so often cost them, and financial institutions, billions. In The Little Book of Behavioral Investing, behavioral finance expert James Montier takes you on a guided tour of the most common behavioral challenges and mental pitfalls that investors encounter, and provides you with strategies to eliminate these traits.

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  • Along the way, he shows how some of the world's best investors have tackled the behavioral biases that drag down investment returns, so that you might be able to learn from their experiences. This is a dummy description. A detailed guide to overcoming the most frequently encountered psychological pitfalls of investing Bias, emotion, and overconfidence are just three of the many behavioral traits that can lead investors to lose money or achieve lower returns.

    Behavioral Finance - The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

    Offers time-tested ways to identify and avoid the pitfalls of investor bias Author James Montier is one of the world's foremost behavioral analysts Discusses how to learn from our investment mistakes instead of repeating them Explores the behavioral principles that will allow you to maintain a successful investment portfolio Written in a straightforward and accessible style, The Little Book of Behavioral Investing will enable you to identify and eliminate behavioral traits that can hinder your investment endeavors and show you how to go about achieving superior returns in the process.

    Praise for The Little Book Of Behavioral Investing " The Little Book of Behavioral Investing is an important book for anyone who is interested in understanding the ways that human nature and financial markets interact. Montier has been described as a maverick, an iconoclast, and an enfant terrible by the press. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.