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Results by Title. Winner of the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise Recent philosophical reexaminations of sacred texts have focused almost exclusively on the Christian New Testament, and Paul in particular. Job is often understood to be a trite folktale about human limitation in the face of confounding and absolute transcendence.

On the contrary, Hankins demonstrates that Job is a drama about the struggle to create a just and viable life in a material world that is ontologically incomplete and consequently open to radical, unpredictable transformation. In this second volume, A Weak Nature Alone , Johnston focuses on the philosophy of nature required for such a theory.

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This volume is guided by a fundamental question: How must nature be rethought so that human minds and freedom do not appear to be either impossible or inexplicable within it? Asked differently: How must the natural world itself be structured such that sapient subjects in all their distinctive peculiarities emerged from and continue to exist within this world? In A Weak Nature Alone , Johnston develops his transcendental materialist account of nature through engaging with and weaving together five main sources of inspiration: Hegelian philosophy, Marxist materialism, Freudian-Lacanian metapsychology, Anglo-American analytic neo-Hegelianism, and evolutionary theory and neurobiology.

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Johnston argues that these seemingly but not really strange bedfellows should be brought together so as to construct a contemporary ontology of nature. Elaborating the fundamental concept of Trieb, or drive, Freud outlines two basic types of conflict that at once disturb and organize mental life: the conflict between drives and reality; and the conflict between the drives themselves as in amorous Eros against the aggressive death drive.

In Time Driven, Adrian Johnston identifies a third distinct type of conflict overlooked by Freud: the conflict embedded within each and every drive.

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By bringing this critical type of conflict to light and explaining its sobering consequences for an understanding of the psyche, Johnston's book makes an essential theoretical contribution to Continental philosophy. Johns on , J. Based on a structural syllabus, it takes students from beginning to pre-intermediate level.

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The student books in the series focus on listening and speaking skills and contain 34 lessons, with extra exercises at the end of each unit. At the top of each page, new language is highlighted so that both students and teachers can see what the target of each les Harmer , O. The teacher's manuals in the series provide unit-by-unit rationale and guidance on how to present new language items.

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The teaching notes recognize that teaching situations and classes differ and allow teachers to choose the most appropriate approach for their part Einloggen Weiter Einstellungen Mein Merkzettel. Touchdown Student Book 4 Bk. Touchdown Teacher's Manual Bk.

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