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John Locke, political thinker and father of the English Enlightenment, had concluded late in the seventeenth century that the mind is a tabula rasa and that man is entirely a product of learning from experience, through the association of ideas. Faithful to such principles, Locke stated categorically in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding that there are no innate principles and that mothercare is a duty. That it is an innate Truth, known to all Men, is also false. To make it capable of being assented to as Truth, it must be reduced to some such Proposition as this: It is the duty of the Parents to preserve their Children 6.

But this is hardly ever the case. Children in Moll Flanders and Roxana , whether they be the products of illicit sexuality, or incestuous, illegal and, more rarely, legal marriage unions, are always competing with their mothers in a harshly aggressive and hostile world that threatens them with impoverishment and extinction. Moll has no reservations about abandoning her children in search for independence and active engaging in society.

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Moll embarks on the career of a woman who disentangles herself from reproduction in order to enter the public sphere of production. Social maternity is nothing but a consumer product to be bought at a certain prize, while a good mother, Moll Flanders instructs us, is always a paid mother.

Denying children the natural maternal care and affection is murdering them, she argues in a rather lengthy and moralizing speech, which is, however, ironically subverted a few lines below. Do you think there are not Women, who as it is their Trade, and they get Bread by it, value themselves upon their being as careful of Children as their own Mothers can be, and understand it rather better? Moll Flanders , Lois A. Chaber contends, exposes the paradoxical position of mothers in the new capitalist economy, which renders childbirth and maternity the only form of labour that not only remains unpaid, but also encumbers labourers with the additional load of having to provide for the product of their labour their offspring or pay for their disposal.

In times antecedent to this, however, the hypotheses of embryogenesis as well as the exact part offered by the male and the female parent, were multiple and conflicting. In a similar manner, the scientific discourses, which throughout these centuries refuted the Aristotelian-Galenic tradition, also conflated women with matter and men with the spark of life and celebrated the male as the primary progenitor. In the preformationist model of generation, human beings are always already there, formed beforehand, either in the egg, according to the ovist preformationist version, or in the sperm, according to the animalculist preformationist variation.

Growth in this case is perceived as an increase in size of a creature whose limbs and organs have always been there in the egg, or the sperm , only in miniature form.

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Futhermore, the mother is reduced to the material space that receives this male igniting force, without, however, being in any way connected to the fetus that grows inside her. This theory was first proposed by William Harvey in his De Generatione Animalium in , but it was not until the end of the eighteenth century that it found fruitful ground for reception. Seventeenth-century anatomical engravings of the free-floating, fully shaped embryos in vase-like uteruses, as well as the absence of the umbilical cord, exalt fetal autonomy and reduce the womb to a mere claustrophobic container.

The womb, cut off from the female body, is a prison-like jar in which adult-like fetuses have been captivated and are desperately trying to break free. Nature and science promoted the image of mother as the necessary evil in the process of gestation.

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As a child disposed of in a hostile and competitive world, Moll struggles to gain self-sufficiency; like her mother, she forsakes her own children on her way to financial success, is actually imprisoned in Newgate, and is later on in her life also transported to the colonies, a place that proves to be in her case as well a site of infinite capabilities and endless profit.

Mothers and daughters cannot coexist harmoniously in the same world, but prosper only if their lives can run separate and parallel courses. Moll has to part from her mother after her birth, she has to part from her when they reunite in America and she recognizes her as her mother, and when she returns to America, her mother is already conveniently dead. In feminist theory, this new perception of the maternal order complicates the subjective framework of pregnancy and allows for new forms of subjectivity that challenge stereotypical definitions of Alterity.

Children and mothers are in this novel also highly competitive individuals who, in case of emergency, are most likely to feed on each other. If no charges are filed, we now urge her immediate release and ask that she be given permission to return to her home country, the United States. After more than five weeks' captivity, on March 8, Saberi was allowed to see an attorney for the first time.

On March 18, marking 47 days of detention, the Saberi family called on Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , to intervene during the run-up to the Persian Nowruz holiday. On April 8, the Iranian government charged Saberi with espionage, [4] [5] while the Iranian Students News Agency , quoting a hard-line judge who is the deputy head of Iran's prosecutor's office, said Saberi had "accepted" the accusation of espionage.

Switzerland represents United States interests in Iran, as Iran and the United States do not presently have diplomatic relations. US State Department spokesman Robert Wood raised questions about the transparency of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Court judicial system, commenting that a Swiss representative was not allowed in the courtroom during Saberi's trial.

On April 19, , President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Saberi must have her legal right to defend herself.

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He wrote to the prosecutors: "Please, personally observe the process to ensure that the defendants are allowed all legal rights and freedom in defending themselves and that their rights are not violated even by one iota". On April 21, , Bahman Ghobadi , an Iranian film director, published a letter declaring Saberi's innocence and urging those who knew her to step in and defend her.

On April 25, , the BBC reported that Saberi's father, Reza Saberi, said he had received word from his daughter that she had been on a hunger strike for the past five days. On May 10, , Saberi's appeal was heard by an Iranian appeals court. The court reportedly dismissed the charges against her on the grounds that the US is not a hostile country because it is not at war with Iran.

Her original conviction was on the charges that she was working with a "hostile country" — the United States. On May 11, , Saberi was freed from prison after the appeals court suspended her eight-year jail sentence. After her release, Saberi said that although she was not physically tortured during her captivity, she was placed under "severe psychological and mental pressure".

She said her captors blindfolded her during days of interrogation, held her in solitary confinement, and would not allow her to inform anyone of her whereabouts. According to Saberi, her interrogators threatened her with many years in prison and even execution if she did not confess to being a spy.

She said that under these pressures, she had made a false confession, which she later recanted while still in custody. After Saberi was released from prison, one of her lawyers declared that she had obtained a classified document while working as a translator for a powerful clerical lobby.


He claimed that this had been used as evidence to convict her on charges of espionage. Saberi later said "I didn't have any classified documents. I had a research article that was public information, but my captors lied and claimed I had a classified document, evidently to pretend that there was legitimacy to my case. In Saberi was hired by Al Jazeera America as a correspondent and senior producer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roxana Saberi. Belleville , New Jersey, United States.

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