Hunt the Devil : A Demonology of US War Culture

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In five chapters devoted to the demonization of evildoers, witches, Indians, dictators, and Reds by American writers, in presidential rhetoric, and in popular culture, Ivie and Giner show how the use of demonization in the war on terror is only the most recent manifestation of a process that has recurred throughout American history.

In a sixth chapter, the authors introduce the archetype of the Trickster. The role of the mythic Devil in the American psyche has profound implications, not just for American diplomacy and the use of American arms in the world, but for the possibility of domestic peace within an increasingly diverse society.

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Hunt the Devil provides much of interest to readers and scholars in the fields of war, rhetorical studies, American Studies, US political culture, Jungian psychology, and mythography. Ivie is a professor emeritus of American studies and communication and culture at Indiana University. Oscar Giner is a professor of theatre and film at Arizona State University. He is at work on a book-length cultural history of the Scarface films and their relations to American identity, gangsterism, and hip-hop culture.

Far too little has been written about it by responsible scholars, so Hunt the Devil is a welcome addition to an all-too-small literature.

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It also focuses on the link between internal and external evil, a very important theme in US history that has received far too scant attention. Finally, it enlivens rigorous, well-documented scholarship with politically engaged prose. IHR Book Award An annual award presented for a nonfiction work that reflects the finest contemporary humanities-based scholarship on any topic. The deadline for the Book Award has not yet been announced. Winner of the Humanities Book Award: Julian Lim With the railroad's arrival in the late nineteenth century, immigrants of all colors rushed to the U. Humanities for the Environment: Integrating knowledge, forging new constellations of practice.


It was thought if she sank, she was innocent; if she floated, she was guilty. A satirical article supposedly written by Benjamin Franklin about a witch trial in New Jersey was published in in the Pennsylvania Gazette. It brought to light the ridiculousness of some witchcraft accusations. Modern-day witches of the Western World still struggle to shake their historical stereotype.

Most practice Wicca , an official religion in the United States and Canada. Wiccans avoid evil and the appearance of evil at all costs. Their spells and incantations are often derived from their Book of Shadows, a 20th-century collection of wisdom and witchcraft, and can be compared to the act of prayer in other religions. A modern-day witchcraft potion is more likely to be an herbal remedy for the flu instead of a hex to harm someone. But witches—whether actual or accused—still face persecution and death.

Several men and women suspected of using witchcraft have been beaten and killed in Papua New Guinea since , including a young mother who was burned alive. Similar episodes of violence against people accused of being witches have occurred in Africa, South America, the Middle East and in immigrant communities in Europe and the United States. About Wicca. The Celtic Connection. Gendercide Watch.

Hunt the Devil: A Demonology of US War Culture

The Salem Witch Trials. Oxford Research Encyclopedias. Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia. Encyclopedia of Virginia. Witchcraft: The Beginnings.

University of Chicago. Mount Holyoke College. The Persecution of Witches, 21st-Century Style. The New York Times. Women and Witches: Patterns of Analysis.

Hunt the Devil: A Demonology of US War Culture

The University of Chicago Press. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of , after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft.