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Miss Slighcarp gave me the shivers! The wolves in the snow only add to the terror, and then we reach the workhouse where Bonnie and Sylvia manage to survive and deal with bullies, but only just.

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Simon the gooseboy with his little donkey makes a terrific ally, until at last the dastardly governess gets her comeuppance. What could be better than a fast-paced Dickensian adventure? Laughable reasons even. When I was young, girls were constantly falling for animal books. Cutesy dolphins.

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Adorable horses. And sweet little wolves. I avoided such books like the plague. Clearly I would have adored this book back in the day. One can only hope that there are brighter boys and girls out there willing to give a dark little title like this one a fair shake. The plot according to AllReaders.

Together, Bonnie and Sylvia must escape and try to reclaim their home. In a profile of Ms. She then moved to the J. Walter Thompson London office and was a copywriter for a year when success with The Wolves of Willoughby Chase finally encouraged her to try full-time writing and she succeeded in making the transition. By this time the children were much bigger, and I read the chapters aloud to them as I wrote. They made a lot of very useful comments and criticisms as we went along.

She also makes no bones about her primary influence. Of course, he is the prime example of this kind of melodrama.

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I think this had a very strong influence on my writing. The historical period of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and the others is imaginary, although the trappings are all fairly genuine English nineteenth-century ones. This again, I think, was heavily influenced by Dickens. The names of my characters have a strong connection with Dickens. Miss Slighcarp and Mr. Gripe, for example—this is the kind of name Dickens uses a great deal.

A lot of my names, in fact, I tend to think of in dreams. I just leave the business to my subconscious, and it produces some fine names. Rowling works similarly. In a way, this was the first book in a series too. As Ms. Strangely, the series never seemed to ever acquire an official name. It would be nice if someone properly celebrated this book as well. By describing the infected animal as a ''biological time bomb,'' George evokes not only memories of the fictional Old Yeller, afflicted with hydrophobia, but the real-life terrors of incurable modern plague and disease that turn up in the headlines all too often.

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Once this threat has been established, a race against time begins and the wolves now unwittingly need Julie in order to survive just as much as she once needed them. Jean Craighead George has spent decades observing and recording the life styles of the wild and wolfish, and her love for the subject matter is clearly evident in the smooth assuredness of her narrative. For children not yet old enough to handle ''Julie's Wolf Pack,'' she has also written the text for a storybook about the animals.

Illustrated with Lucia Washburn's meticulous, soulful acrylic paintings, which feature sweeping wilderness backdrops and plenty of twinkling little wolf eyes, ''Look to the North'' serves as both an educational experience and a love letter from George to her wolves.

For even younger kids, there's another storybook that looks in on the world of the wolves in even more basic language. Laura Regan's oil-paint illustrations support the poem with a dusky reality that works well with the basic simplicity of the story. Both ''Wolf Watch'' and ''Look to the North'' depict pups being born into a happy clan that readily welcomes and accepts them into their community -- no lycan therapy needed here.

Wolf society has many parallels with the human kind, and holds a natural fascination for youngsters interested in learning how animals get along with one another and with people.

Top 100 Children’s Novels #57: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

In wolf terms, a child who answers the call of the wild by barking back at the family beagle might be considered something of an ambassador. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Illustrated by Wendell Minor.

The Wolves in the Walls | Teaching Children Philosophy

New York: HarperCollins Publishers. By Jean Craighead George. Illustrated by Lucia Washburn.