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This Workbook, along with its companion volume Basic Dutch, provides clear and concise summaries of the essential points of Dutch grammar as well as opportunities to practice using the structures of the language.

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Building on the lessons of Basic Dutch, each of the twenty-four units presents a grammatical topic with an introduction and overview, followed by contextualized exercises to reinforce learning. Features include: a clear accessible format many useful language examples abundant exercises with a full answer key frequent references to English grammar an appendix on irregular verbs an index of grammatical keywords.

Suitable for independent learners and students on taught courses, Intermediate Dutch, together with its sister volume Basic Dutch, forms a structured course in the essentials of Dutch grammar. Have doubts regarding this product? Post your question. Safe and Secure Payments.

Easy returns. You might be interested in. This book is followed by Hugo Advanced Dutch.

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Colloquial Dutch Colloquial Dutch 2. I'm waiting for my copies to arrive so I can't tell you anything from personal experience here.

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Its main focus is colloquial language. De Delftse Methode. I recommend the online version or the apps, not the physical book copies. They have the same content, but the online version is more convenient as you can click on a word and see what it means. It is written in Dutch. If you have the physical book you'd be constantly opening a dictionary and wasting time.

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The quizzes are also graded immediately. The books are better suited for a classroom with a teacher. If you have the online version or app, you don't need CDs. It's built directly into the course. You have a button to record yourself and compare to a native speaker. I believe they still offer a free version of their app, but it has limited lessons.

Recommended books for learning Dutch

Its purpose is for you to see if you like the method or not. Routledge Intensive Dutch. This is a very intensive book. I've completed a chapter of it. I do enjoy the content, but I think it's very intense for most people.

This course is used by UCL in their immersion Dutch classes. I have no experience with this book series. I know you said you have no experience with Nederlands in Actie, but do you think finishing the Duolingo tree and going into an A2 level book is a good idea? I'm just a little apprehensive about jumping in too fast. Thanks for the extensive suggestions! Duolingo courses generally get you around that area. Some people get a B1 with Duolingo or, some say they have.