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Local sports franchises have a long history of donating signed memorabilia to good causes. Hometown businesses, local favorite restaurants and craftsman, can come complete with a reputation of quality that the audience would be familiar with. Back to Fundraising Blog Get the fundraising solutions you need to fuel your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

Get Started Client Login Support. Home Resources Fundraising Blog 4 good practices when selecting items for nonprofit auctions. When it comes time to create an auction item list, it is beneficial to keep these practices in mind: Keep track of what sells Experience can be the best teacher. An organization can learn from these statistics, but it should also track its own numbers to get information on its primary audience. A nonprofit can develop good item selection practices by learning from its previous auctions.

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Know your audience Data can tell a nonprofit who it is selling to. Woman bid more often, but men spend more money. Gender is just one possible influence.

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You only have so many staff and volunteers and they only have so many hours in the day. No one buys it, because no one knows or trusts Joe.

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You get nothing. Joe gets ticked off that no one wanted his service. The latter takes less time, and no one ends up with wounded feelings. Speaking of which…. A dreary auction is depressing in every way.

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It depresses your event revenue. And it even depresses further donations from auction item donors. The same is true for the antique ugly brooch and vintage with a slight whiff of old tobacco purses donated by your board member. Unless your guests happen to be knowledgeable collectors who appreciate their worth, to most folks these are just unappealing used items.

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So… what does it take to create a very, very good result, and avoid the bad and the ugly? There are a number of variables, of course. My next post will take a look at the really big kahuna: the donated items.

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If you do a good job inspiring folks about your cause at your event, your audience is primed to support you. You can set up an auction table devoted to these gift-from-the-heart items. You can set up several of these types of auctions on the same table. Or you can have cards on the table and have volunteers come around to collect the cards towards the end of the event.

Claire, Silent auctions can be a boon to a fundraising event, or it can be a detriment. The key is procuring items that people will want and marketing your items is a way that will drive the bidding to go higher and higher.

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In my experience, travel, brushes with celebrities, and unique opportunities make that happen. It also helps to create packages with the smaller donations. One year, I put together a gift certificate for a dinner, a pair of highly sought after concert tickets, and a stay at a local downtown hotel that brought in three times the value of the three separate items.

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I upload it to Google Drive and share the link. Promoting the catalog prior to ticket sales closing can even increase attendance. If your ticketing system allows, throwing in a quick survey about items attendees would like to bid on can also help focus precious procurement time on the right packages. Great suggestions Renee. Claire, wonderful resources re the conducting of a charitable auction.