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Goal: The 23rd International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research" (HBOND) will be held from September 24 till September 27 in.

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Moschovakis N. Royden Mary Ellen Rudin S. Schmidt Paul A. Slavnov Frank Spitzer A. Stepanov Hans J. Varadarajan A. Varchenko Anatoly Vershik M. Mike Yates Vladimir E. Zakharov Erik Christopher Zeeman D. Lars Valerian Ahlfors Frederick J.

List of International Congresses of Mathematicians Plenary and Invited Speakers

Bogomolov O. Bogoyavlensky Jerry Bona A. Borovkov Kenneth Stephen Brown A. Casson G. Chudnovsky Francis H. Clarke John H. Griffiths M. Jablonskii Arthur Jaffe V. Kharlamov A. Kirillov Boris Korenblum Nikolai N. Krasovskii Nicolai V. Krylov R. Langlands David G. Manin Sibe Mardesic A. Nikishin N. Nikolskii Joachim A. Nitsche Sergei P. Platonov Claudio Procesi Paul H. Rabinowitz S. Ramanan Douglas Conner Ravenel P.

Wentzell J. Andrianov V. Brillinger Roger Ware Brockett V. Cherlin D. Graham Robert Griess M. Gromov Joe Harris D. Heath-Brown Gennadi M. Iskovskih R. Khachiyan A. Kurzanskii Yuri A. Pogorelov M. Powell Michael O. Schmidt Richard M. Stanley Daniel W. Stroock Yuri M. Woronowicz Jerzy Zabczyk Vladimir E.

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Zakharov Efim Zelmanov B. Borovoi H. Gluskin S. Godunov Dorian Goldfeld A. Gonchar J.

Grabiner Christine Graffigne D. Grigor'ev M. Hamilton R. Hardt Thomas W. Hawkins, Jr. Jakobson V. Kechris Carlos Eduardo Kenig H. Koch V.

International Congress of Mathematicians

Krichevsky N. Kruzhilin A. Krylov Hiroshi Kunita Ivan A. Makarov Yuri I. Manin John N. Papanicolaou L. Pastur Mikhail G. Popov Frank Quinn A. Seymour Peter B. Shokurov A. Skorokhod Stephen Smale V. Cameron Lennart Carleson Jon F. Carlson Alexandre L. Ilyashenko Alexander A.

Ivanov Michio Jimbo Lowell E. Jones Vaughan F. Meyer John J. Millson Masayasu Mimura Stanislav A. Steel Joseph H.

Taylor Robert W. Jeffrey Adams Andrei A. Bass James E. Baumgartner J. Thomas Beale Jean Bellissard A. Bolibruch Sergey V. Chung Philippe G. Grillakis David Harbater Jan P. McLaughlin Joyce R. Morrison Tomasz Mrowka Charles M. Joachim H. Rubinstein Alexei N. Schwarz Stephen W. Semmes Paul Seymour Julius L. Sontag Panagiotis E. Varadhan Victor A. Vassiliev Anatoly M. Batyrev Bonnie Berger Vladimir G. Dwyer Yakov Eliashberg L.

News of the International Mathematical Union (IMU)

Ivanov Robert R. Jensen Iain M. Pukhlikov William R. Smirnov David A. Smith Hart F. Tracy D. Wojtkowski W. Ziegler Maciej Zworski. Oleg N. David Elworthy Oleg Yu. Springer Olof Staffans Richard P. Maini Matilde Marcolli Peter A. Parrilo A. Srinivasa Varadhan T. Ziegler Tamar Ziegler. The Symposium will also have a special event for high school and undergraduate students.

View Map. The Ramanujan Prize Selection Committee has announced that the Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries will be awarded to the Indian mathematician Amalendu Krishna in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the area of algebraic K-theory, algebraic cycles and the theory of motives. Nash, Jr.

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For information about the congress, the program, etc. It took place in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, on August 10th and 11th. The following major decisions have been made:. Click here to view the new IMU leadership. More information can be found in the ICM bid book.

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The General Assembly has endorsed many guidelines, and in particular the document Recommendation on the evaluation of individual researchers in the mathematical sciences written by an ad-hoc committee set up by the IMU EC. The symposium will explore the distribution of mathematical talent and the opportunities to develop that talent as well as the intellectual and economic consequences arising from this distribution. It is postulated that mathematical talent is spread more or less equally between all nations and peoples, but the opportunities to develop this talent is concentrated in developed nations.

The MENAO symposium will highlight countries and regions that have, within a relatively short period of time, seen immense improvements in economic development and societal well-being and explore the relationship between this development and the mathematical understanding of the nations in question. The event, hosted by the International Mathematical Union IMU , will bring potential sponsors and cooperation partners together with projects and organizations related to mathematics in developing countries. Highlighting past achievements and identifying future opportunities will also be part of the program.

The day-long symposium will include an overview of the development of mathematics in Korea and Chile, and its relationship with economic development, talks from senior economists from Stanford and Cambridge and Fields medallists and mathematicians from a variety of developing countries. This meeting was hosted by the Mathematics Department of Princeton University. One big issue of the agenda was the forthcoming international congress ICM Please see the attached announcement for more information. Applications from young researchers to attend this Forum will be accepted until February 28, The HLF is looking for outstanding young mathematicians from all over the world who would like to get a chance to personally meet winners of the most prestigious awards in mathematics and computer science: Fields, Abel, Nevanlinna, and Turing Laureates.

If additional information is needed, please write to: info heidelberg-laureate-forum. Today, September 22, is the official opening of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum The program invites mathematicians professionally based in developing countries to visit an international research collaborator for a period of one month. The period is extendable for up to three months in the case of matching support from the host institution.

Up to three mathematicians per year will be supported. The program is designed for post doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers. Basic Requirements : Applicants must hold a PhD in Mathematics and be in the early stages of their professional careers. This means that the applicant should be under 40 years on July 1st, and not yet of full professorial rank.

The maximum age may be increased by up to three years in the case of an individual with a broken career pattern. Applications from women mathematicians are strongly encouraged. The applicant should already have initiated research contact with the proposed international research partner.


Financial Support : The grant will cover health insurance, visa cost, all travel economy flights or equivalent and living expenses including accommodation for one month for up to a total maximum amount of USD 5, per mathematician. A selection committee decides which applications are successful. The meeting was preceded by a gathering of the members of the Commission for Developing Countries and several guests.

In parallel the Mathematics of Planet Earth Exhibition is started. Nominations should be sent to the chairs of the respective selection committees observing the nomination guidelines. The meeting is modeled after the annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings established more than 60 years ago. Press releases in English and in German of the event in Oslo, where the cooperation was established today , outline the plan in more detail. On April 30, , for the first time in the history of Nepal, a special celebration was staged to pay homage to six senior mathematicians who have served the country for more than 50 years and who are over 75 years of age.

The prime minister of Nepal, Dr. Photos can be found here. The chairs of the prize committees will be made public as soon as all committee members have accepted the request to serve. Journal prices have been, since the beginning of the electronic publication age, an intensely discussed hot topic. This movement has gained significant momentum and lead almost The authors survey the ongoing Elsevier boycott, examine pricing and bundling, and lapses in ethics and peer review.