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Lewis ambles rather nonchalantly around parts of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, catching rides on boats, buses and in cars even as the French fight the nationalist Viet Minh in low-key guerrilla warfare. Sometimes the detail is exhausting, verging on dull at the expense of any plot — this is a travel narrative at its purest — but for the most part the evocative descriptions make for a fascinating comparison to today. His easy access as a writer to senior government officials and royals such as King Norodom Sihanouk and Emperor Bao Dai is astounding.

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It's hard to believe his trip was made just 60 or 70 years ago — imagine today worrying about tigers while on the streets of Dalat, for instance. Read Lewis for the marvellous way he places Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos into historical context.

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And while he laments somewhat patronisingly that the societies he sees are "decaying" as the West encroaches, what we see thanks to his account and our experience of these countries today, are people who have been astoundingly resilient and resurgent, despite the havoc that the West has wrought on them. Read past issues.

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A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

We do. It focuses on the shifting fortunes of a non-Burman family swept up in the turmoil, as they take advantage of the good times and face tragedy during the bad.

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  8. Drawing on a vast array of resources, and writing evocatively, Strangio creates a colourful and multi-layered portrait of Cambodia that will add to the knowledge of even the most avid kingdom-watcher. Chudori Pulang in Indonesian is a colourful and illuminating novel tracing the lives of Indonesian political exiles in Paris from onwards and, several decades on, their children both there and Jakarta during the upheavals and violence of British correspondent Richard Lloyd Parry brings the roiling turmoil of the era to life with his snappy but sensitive reportage.

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    Lawrence Blair will fill your bucket list with incredible places to go. But Afterland by Mai Der Vang is an extraordinary collection of powerful poems that excavate the humanity of those swept up in the war and the subsequent exodus of some , Hmong refugees to the United States. But nothing is as straightforward as it first seems. Trudging up with an assistant on the eve of the new millennium, he reflects on his life and its highlights and lowlights along the way. In places the cloisters are quite dark, where the windows have been covered with subsidences of earth, humus and trees.

    Otherwise they are illuminated with an aquarium light, filtered through screens of roots and green lianas. Entering the courtyards one comes into a new kind of vegetable world; not the one of branches and leaves with which one is familiar, but that of roots.

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    Ta Prohm is an exhibition of the mysterious subterranean life of plants, of which it offers an infinite variety of cross-sections. Huge trees have seeded themselves on the roofs of the squat towers and their soaring trunks are obscured from sight; but here one can study in comfort the drama of those secret and conspiratorial activities that labour to support their titanic growth. Down, then, come the roots, pale, swelling and muscular. There is a grossness in the sight; a recollection of sagging ropes of lava, a parody of the bulging limbs of circus-freaks, shamefully revealed.

    The approach is exploratory. The roots follow the outlines of the masonary; duplicating pilasters and pillars; never seeking to bridge a gap and always preserving a smooth living contact with the stone surfaces; burlesqueing in their ropy bulk the architecural motives which they cover.

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    It is only long after the hold has been secured that the deadly wrestling bout begins. As the roots swell their grip contracts. Whole blocks of masonary are torn out, and brandished in mid-air.

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    There are roots which appear suddenly, bursting through the flagstones to wander twenty yards like huge boaconstrictors, before plunging through the up-ended stones to earth again. An isolated tower bears on its summit a complete sample of the virgin jungle, with ferns and underbrush and a giant fig tree which screens the faces of the statuary with its liana-curtains, and discards a halo of parakeets at the approach of footsteps.

    The temple is incompletely cleared.