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Jack Sparrow, stealing things to live. The Acamarian "Gatherers". Well, Picard has had enough, so he grabs the High Faluto of Acamaria and then hunts down a group of gatherers. That's where we see Mark Lawrence's next generation cameo. He will show up a few years later in Deep Space 9 as "Mr. Remember, this is the crook who gets killed at the beginning of "the man with the golden gun".

So it was great to see one of my favorite character actors show up in Trek. While Picard sets out to gather up all of the gatherers, Will Riker starts having eyes for one of the servants, "Yuta".

But when she cannot perform sexually as anybody but a slave, he starts wondering what has been done to her. Riker's interest coincides with Crusher's medical investigation, and something terrible was discovered. That is one of the mysteries of this episode, and that is what invalidates the so-called "goof" of this episode. She speaks about how she was changed, changed so she can pursue vengeance for the rest of her clan who was killed.

She is the last of her clan, changed irrevocably to live forever until she fulfills her purpose. So she has no life, no choice but to do what she needs to do.

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That is why I don't really think she could've just been jailed or stunned. I don't think the brig would've held her, and there was nothing else but to prevent her from touching her victim.

As the Klingons say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

And Will was the one who had discovered what she was: So it was his responsibility to stop her. So I don't think he needed to have a reason to show up with a phaser on a ship where Picard is having a delicate meeting- I don't consider the ending of this as a goof of any sort. It was a hard choice that Will Riker had to make. And he didn't like having to make it. Lots of talk, no action.

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This one was no exception. Despite claims to the contrary, Will's murder of Uta made no sense. He was standing ten feet away from her, and could have easily screened her from the intended victim after his phaser's first "stun" shot -- and he's at least twice her size. She could have been restrained, perhaps rehabilitated, or at least taken to a planet far, far away. Above all, Will had strong feelings for her, so his summary execution was simply unnecessary -- and a criminal act. The idea was obviously to produce a "dramatic" situation, but it only came off as contrived and unnecessarily brutal.

MartinHafer 16 November Captain Picard is getting sick of dealing with The Gatherers--a group of renegade Acamarians who survive through piracy. It's disruptive to this quadrant of space and he's determined to put a stop to it peacefully, if possible. With the help of Sovereign Marouk, he hopes to offer these raiders an amnesty in order to re-unify the Acamarians and restore peace to the region.

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However, no one realizes that Marouk's servant, Yuta, has a blood feud and she couldn't care less about the peace--she just wants revenge for some personal vendetta. At the same time, Riker as usual is a horn-dog and is looking to score with Yuta. Will this make him blind to the risk she poses?

This is a decent but otherwise unremarkable episode. While the goof listed on IMDb is valid, I don't think it was a serious flaw and didn't harm my enjoyment of the show. Good emotional episode of TNG manco82 23 October I agree with an earlier review that Riker could have beamed Yuta straight to the brig instead of vaporizing her. It was important for Riker to make the awful choice and live with it.

The ending in forward with Riker not really caring about an upcoming shore leave shows that. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love.

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About The Author. Dafydd Ab Hugh. James T. The Narada then drilled a hole in the planet Vulcan and obliterated that planet, again greatly altering the timeline of "Star Trek. The Krenim Imperium created a weapon ship that could literally erase species from existence due to its ability to manipulate time. The process first went well for the Krenim, as they obliterated another species, called the Zahl.

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But when another species, called the Garenor, came under attack, the USS Voyager created temporal shields that disrupted the Krenim weapon. The shields created a timeline in which the Krenim themselves didn't exist. The Krenim tried to attack Voyager, but the ship escaped at warp speed because it was faster.

This ship is notable not only for exploring the poorly understood Delta Quadrant of the galaxy in "Star Trek," but also for using some creative techniques to shorten a year voyage home. That happened due to a displacement wave that carried the USS Voyager there; this wave was created by a being called the Caretaker, which had a pretty selfish agenda that we won't get into here. While the Voyager used help from several species to get back home, perhaps the most notable step was inserting Borg technology into their engine. The crew stole a transwarp coil from a Borg sphere that shortened their journey by several years, until the sphere gave out.

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One of the Bird-of-Prey's greatest abilities was cloaking. This is used to delightful effect several times in some of the early "Star Trek" movies , as both the Enterprise and the Klingons were trying to gain control of the Genesis device, which promised to render inhabitable planets into lush worlds in just a short time. Unfortunately, the Klingon technology had a flaw; you could still "see" the ship because the cloaking technology distorted the light of stars around it. Once the Enterprise caught on to the trick, they were able to fire on the ship successfully.